Esther, 18 years old. Rome. Art student. Anglophile, slasher.
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Fandom: OC, Hetalia, Sherlock, Marvel, Dreamworks, Disney, Pixar, others tf.
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Pacific rim!AU → Scotland ID file
Pacific rim!AU → Scotland and Northern Ireland training 
Pacific rim!AU → Francis and Arthur kissing
Sprinkles the grass with gleam and glitter of showers, The swallow twitters, the groves of midnight are glowing With nightingale music and madness; the sweet fierce powers The spring returns, but there is no returning of spring for me. 
"I don’t think I know who the Doctor is anymore.”
Hetalia Pacific AU! Web Comic?

Okay, I’m just thinking, the Hetalia Pacific rim!AU maybe it can become a (sort of) comic.. in these day I plotted, and ¬†added a lot of characters and suddenly I have some freaking fangirling stuff in my hands, so why not? Would you like?¬†